Terms of Use



• All orders and/or full payments for products imply the customer has read and fully agreed to the Enso Albums Terms and Conditions of Sales Agreement specified herein.

Sufficient and accurate information and images of the product being considered for purchase have been provided to the customer.

Once product has been paid for by the customer, it is implied that the customer recognizes, has been given, and has received all necessary information, images, etc., about the particular product ordered to allow for a well-informed buying decision.

Prices are listed in U.S. dollars and are wholesale prices for full-time professional resellers only. Customers must have a bona fide professional photography website to be considered for account approval. Facebook, Flickr, and/or Tumblr accounts are not acceptable as website submissions.

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Prices do not include applicable taxes and shipping, brokerage fees, customs clearance fees or duty if applicable.


Return Policy:

Enso Albums has a 100% satisfaction guarantee in regard to the workmanship of our products. Should one of our products ever deteriorate due to an inherent manufacturing defect, we will repair and/or replace the product free of charge. Reasons such as and not limited to normal wear and tear, improper product storage/care, product misuse, do not constitute inherent manufacturing defects.

Due to the custom handmade nature of our products there may be minor variances across duplicate books and/or boxes such as and not limited to liner sheet/cloth variances, spine width, leather appearance, etc. Minor differences across different reprints of the same book and/or across books printed including, but not limited to, slight variances in color fidelity are not valid reasons for cancellations, reprints or refunds on orders. While every effort is made to keep our products as consistent as possible, variations in handmade products are a normal occurrence and not considered manufacturing defects or defects in workmanship. From time to time Enso Albums, at its discretion, may change or offer different material or book and box options. Due to the handmade nature of our products this also means that materials and book options are subject to availability. If a customer orders and/or reorders with us, and materials or book options happen to be different than advertised on our website due to unavailability or changes, this does not warrant the ability to request reprints, refunds or cancellations on orders.

Except for the cases expressly described in this return policy, and due to the fact that each book ordered from Enso Albums is a made-to-order, custom handmade item, under no circumstances do we cancel orders once in production, accept returns or process refunds for any reason, except to the extent we guarantee your satisfaction with the workmanship of our books, as described above.

Please note that customers are responsible for paying all shipping fees when returning products to Enso Albums.



In order to expect consistent and accurate print results, customers are responsible to submit their images as “print ready,” meaning that the color, density and resolution of their files have been corrected. All files will be printed “as-is.” No color correction will be performed on any submitted files.

Customers must submit their files in RGB format using either the Adobe RGB or sRGB color spaces.

Enso Albums is not responsible to proof, edit, or change your content and/or layout in any way.

Enso Albums prints all images on state-of-the-art Giclée printers. If customers have any concerns about print quality from Enso Albums, it is strongly suggested that customers order a test sheet using their own images to see if the print quality is satisfactory.

While files are previewed before printing, Enso Albums is not liable for errors including and not limited to: incorrect file resolution, layout placement, cropping, color, file density, typographical errors, etc. It is the responsibility of the customer to fully proof their final files before uploading to Enso Albums.

Customers are advised that if they use any image enhancing / stylizing actions, they do so at their own risk. Enso Albums will not be responsible for any unsatisfactory printing when customers use image enhancing / stylizing actions that alter the color and density of images in a strong manner.

Enso Albums will on occasion use custom art paper for liner sheets. These are all made by artisans and no two sheets are alike. Customers acknowledge that part of the beauty and charm of these unique papers is that they come with variations. Things such as misaligned patterns, drops, ink smears, etc. are not considered manufacturing defects or grounds for returns / repair. These are not made by machines and variations will occur.

Customers ordering leather products from Enso Albums acknowledge and understand that leather is a natural product. As such, leather covers can have variances in the grain, color, hide, etc. These naturally occurring variances are not considered defects and under no circumstances can leather products be returned or exchanged based on these grounds.

Studio Sample purchases are made available to customers at discounted rates and customers acknowledge that books purchased as Studio Samples are not for resale, but strictly for promotional usage. Please note that Studio Sample discounted books will have an “Enso Albums Studio Sample” marking placed on the liner sheets, regardless of what is showing in that area. Typical placement of the Studio Sample logo is 1 in. up from the bottom of the liner sheet and centered horizontally.

In the event that a customer error is discovered, please let us know as soon as possible. We will reprint your files; however, there will be additional costs. Please note that if the book has been printed and bound, the only recourse is to order a new book with the correct files at the full price.